Welcome to AramaPharm

We are an Estonia-based company operating in the global market and cooperating with manufacturers around the world. Our core business is the in-licensing of promising and innovative products and their further development and sales.

Why Choose Us

For us, reputation comes first.
We have a strong team, extensive experience and a worldwide network of contacts that gives us the ability to deliver the highest results in the business of developing and selling a wide range of products.


We choose to collaborate only with manufacturers of innovative and research-based products from the European Union, United Kingdom or United States of America.


To us, product quality, certificates of conformity and origin, and the ability to ensure continuous quality monitoring are of high importance.


We provide a high-quality service and expect the same from our partners in both customer service and logistics.

Our business focus

We focus on products that are in demand, that include innovative and unique solutions, and that can provide high added value.

Health & Nutrition

We are interested in unique products that can promote health and a healthy lifestyle, as well as foods or food additives with high added value.

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Technologies

We are interested in products or devices that combine the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and digital technologies with the aim of providing high-value services or creating innovative products.

Science & Biotech

We are interested in biotech products based on science and evidence, which offer unique solutions for different areas of life and have the potential to change the world.

How we do it

Before a licensing deal, each of our selected products is evaluated by professionals in the field, as well as sales and marketing specialists, who provide an assessment of the product's uniqueness and its business prospects.
Distribution of the licensed products is carried out through our custom product websites and web shops. Where necessary, a new design, labelling, and rebranding is done.
We create our own marketing strategy and all the necessary materials for each product.
We are responsible for the marketing and reputation of each licensed product.


Feel free to contact us. Fill out our short contact form if you have any questions or comments.